Simply the best. Better because complete. Complete because of ergonomic flexibility designed to suit everyone; because it features cutting-edge instruments and technologies for those who habitually practice conservative dentistry, endodontics or carry out surgical implants. An all-round hygiene system with automatic devices ensures maximum tranquillity for both personnel and patient. Superlative comfort for dentist, assistant and patient. Lastly, outstanding design and the very latest technological developments provide all-embracing practicality and performance. The best of Anthos.

The most remarkable innovation on the Classe A9 stems from that special Anthos ability to transform the most advanced technology into practical user-friendly solutions. Controlling the dental unit and its integrated systems via the new Full Touch instrument control panel opens the surgery to a refreshingly precise and immediate way of managing treatment. Created to provide an intuitive interface that is an integral part of the dental unit, the control panel features a highly powerful microprocessor and a new Linux operating system which enables connectivity with external devices.